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Support and resources for English language learners and international students.
Undergraduates analyzing preposition use
UCM's very first T.E.A.L. classroom is here!


Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning

Students Assessing Teaching and Learning (SATAL) Program

Assessment support for faculty and academic programs.
ELI Conversation Partners and friends can chat at Conversation Hour on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month this spring.
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Teaching Matters Workshops

Comprehensive general pedagogy workshops for faculty and graduate students.

Faculty Academy on Teaching First Year Students

Do you teach first year students? Then this community is for you.


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Starting spring semester 2017, we must renew our efforts to ensure that all courses (entities for which students earn credit) have syllabi and that those syllabi include intended student learning outcomes (also called course learning outcomes) as well...

UCM's very first T.E.A.L. classroom is now open and ready to hold classes starting Spring 2017! For more information, please visit...

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Faculty Focus

It’s that time of year when we tend to set new goals for the new calendar year. Even though it is mid-year in the academic year, this is a good time to reflect, refresh, and restart those resolutions. We just went through Michael Hyatt’s 5-day program “...
Why do students come to class unprepared? Because teachers tend to lecture on the material, and students find it most efficient to let them lecture first and then read later. But if your students came to class prepared, would they acquire a deeper...
Interleaving is not a well-known term among those who teach, and it’s not a moniker whose meaning can be surmised, but it’s a well-researched study strategy with positive effects on learning. Interleaving involves incorporating material from multiple...