Teaching Matters Workshops

Comprehensive general pedagogy workshops for faculty and graduate students.

Students Assessing Teaching and Learning (SATAL) Program

Assessment support for faculty and academic programs.

English Language Institute (ELI)

Support and resources for English language learners and international students.
Undergraduates analyzing preposition use
ELI Conversation Partners and friends can chat at Conversation Hour on the first and third Friday of each month.
Photo of discussion at Conversation Hour - spring 2016


Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning
UCM's very first T.E.A.L. classroom is here!

Faculty Academy on Teaching First Year Students

Do you teach first year students? Then this community is for you.


Recent News Items

UCM's very first T.E.A.L. classroom is now open and ready to hold classes starting Spring 2017! For more information, please visit it.ucmerced.edu/teal



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Faculty Focus

An interview with Dr. Kristen Wall In this insightful interview, Dr. Kristen Wall, director of faculty development at Colorado Christian University, shares her perspective on the transitions and driving forces for online education. Benefit from her nine...
This article is not a Luddite’s rejection of digital technology. Even though I feel some intellectual kinship with Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau in regard to how some tools affect people constitutionally, I readily admit that digital...
To: My Students From: Your Professor Re: Studying for Finals The end of the semester is rarely pretty. You’re tired; I’m tired. You’ve got a zillion things to get done—ditto for me. You’ve also got grades hanging in the balance to be decided by how you...