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The Center provides only pedagogical support on the use of clickers (e.g., formulating clicker questions, using clickers to increase engagement, improving learning outcomes, etc.). If you need technical support (e.g., installation and use of software and hardware, registration of clickers on CROPS, etc.), please email the IT Help Desk at

Clicker Loan Program

Clickers are mini remote controls that use radio frequency technology to transmit responses to a portable receiver. Each clicker can be registered to a student and generates a unique, identifiable signal. Instructors can use clickers to increase student engagement and interactions, especially in large lecture environment where class size limits faculty-student interaction. When used effectively, clickers can enhance the classroom experience by making it livelier and more engaging. Clickers can also be used in nonclassroom contexts, such as in workshops, seminars, and other types of gathering where the involvement of participants are important.

In January 2011, the Center initiated a clicker loaner program. The goal of the program is to provide UC Merced instructors with access to the use of clickers on a temporary basis (e.g., one-time, one-month, one semester, etc.). In the case of a classroom context, once clickers are formally adopted as part of a course, it is recommended that instructors ask students to purchase their own from the bookstore. In other words, the loaner program is intended to serve as a catalyst to foster the use of clickers in the classroom among UC Merced instructors by removing the barrier of costs to students. If faculty are interested in borrowing clickers for their class or other instructional uses, please read the following policy for details on how to initiate the loaner process.  If you have any questions about the clicker loaner program, please feel free to email Belinda Braunstein at The clicker loaner policy is available online

Resources on the Best Clicker Practices

Product Training and Support: Turning Technologies, maker of the clickers used at UC Merced, offers many resources to help click adopters learn more about the hardware and software as well as the many uses of clickers. It's recommended that you to go to its website to find these resources. For your convenience, there are a few useful links:

Clicker Workshops: The Center has offered various workshops on the effective use of clickers as part of its Teaching and Technology Series. Here are links to the workshop webcasts:

Documentations: The Center, in partnership with the Office of Information Technology, has compiled various documentations to support instructors using clickers:

Consultations with Clicker Interns: IT has undergraduate interns dedicated to assisting instructors with the use of clickers. They are available to assist with setting up software and hardware, providing practical and pedagogical suggestions and best practices, and offering general support. To schedule an appointment, please email the IT Help Desk at

Further Resources:

For your convenience, the Center has compiled a list of external resources that might be helpful for those using clickers in their classrooms.

Best Practices

Aditional Guides and Tips