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Resilient Teaching in Caring Communities

Resilient Teaching in Caring Communities

Author: Cathy Pohan 

Resilient teaching is “the ability to facilitate learning experiences that are

designed to be adaptable to fluctuating conditions and disruptions” (Quintana, 2020).

Few would argue that in addition to the pandemic, the socio-political turmoil and division surrounding Black Lives Matter, DACA, and Immigration has heightened levels of stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, and induced trauma for many in our UCM community. Advances in neuroscience help us understand the negative impact stress and trauma have on learning. This fall we will all be working with academically promising young people who may be suffering the conscious and unconscious manifestations of these stressors. Effective teaching is challenging in the best of times, but in times of turmoil we must a) develop an understanding of how to recognize and mitigate stress, anxiety and trauma and b) apply best practices as we look to design resilient courses and caring communities.

On June 10th many in our community participated in the Academic Shutdown. The day was a time to read, reflect, and begin to identify meaningful action steps to address biases, social injustice, and racism at the individual and institutional levels. Please join CETL as we extend this work and reflect on how we can design safe and resilient learning environments for our emerging scholars. Topics included : Trauma-Informed Pedagogy, Pedagogies of Care, and Black Lives Matter: Beyond Inclusion in Higher Education.

*Special thanks go out to the SNS-DBER group who so willingly included me in their conversations and shared resources.

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