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English Language Institute

Whom does the ELI serve?

International and local undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, visiting scholars, post-docs, and international family members. Whether you are a native English speaker who needs help with grammar or an international member of the UCM community wanting to improve your pronunciation, the ELI is here to serve you. Instructors who want support for their students can also request it from the ELI.

What does the ELI offer?

  • Weekly Grammar Workshop (fall and spring – for the entire UCM community)
  • Weekly Pronunciation & Fluency Workshop (spring only – for the entire international UCM community)
  • 6-week Oral Communication Skills for International Scholars non-credit course (fall only – for international graduate students & postdocs)
  • Conversation Partner Program (year-round – for the entire UCM community)
  • One-on-one appointments to support any language-related challenges, including those related to grammar, writing, pronunciation, presentations, vocabulary, and comprehension (year-round – for the entire UCM community)
  • In-class English/grammar/writing-related mini workshops in collaboration with faculty who request them (via email to
  • An English Reources page to help with academic English


What else does the ELI do?

  • Microteaching language proficiency exams for international TAs at the start of each semester
  • Skype pre-assessment interviews with potential international graduate students each spring
  • Random small acts of kindness to help students in need and connect members of the UCM community


How can the ELI help YOU?

Would you like to set up a one-on-one appointment? Complete this brief ELI consultation request form. You can also send questions and requests by email to

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Updated August 2019