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CETL Instructional Internship

The Instructional Internship Program (IIP) is no longer accepting applications. The program has been discontinued.  For more information please contact Dr. Cathy Pohan at




Instructional Internship Program (IIP)

This internship will enable graduate students to learn more about best practices of effective teaching as well as best practices in education research, through participating in various center-sponsored workshops, activities and opportunities. Graduate students who have a current or pending appointment as a teaching assistant are ideal candidates for these internships. Prospective interns should apply for an instructional internship by submitting an online Internship Application. The internship is heavily based on attendance in the Teaching Matters series.

Summary of Certificates:





Certificate of Recognition 


Certificate of Instructional Training

  • Present, or co-present, 1 workshop from "Mastering the Classroom with 1st Generation College Students" *
  • Present, or co-present, 1 workshop from "Developing Teaching Strategies"*
  • Present, or co-present, 1 workshop from "Improving Teaching by Assessing Learning"*
    ( *audience: UCM faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and/or staff)
  • Create and present, or co-create and co-present, 1 workshop. The topic can be one of the two below and must be first approved by the Instructional Internship Program's coordinator1:
    • Pedagogy based topic (either cross-disciplinary, or subject-specific) - audience: fellow graduate students and/or faculty
    • Topic must bridge an educational gap in a course for which you are a TA - audience: undergraduate students
  • Assist with TAO


Certificate of Teaching Accomplishments 

  • Must have completed L1
  • Must have completed L2
  • Must attend the Educational Research 101 (full-day) workshop. Some topics that are covered:
    • IRBs as related to education research
    • Reading/summarizing of education research journals that are both field-specific, a.k.a. Discipline Based Education Research (DBER), and non-field-specific, a.k.a. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
  • Assist with TAO


1 This can be done only after completing all the requirements for L1.