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Instructional Technology

Photo of laptop users typingThe center assists faculty, graduate students and other teaching staff at UC Merced with instructional technology solutions, support and strategies with the goal of improving teaching and learning. Those resources include:


What is CatCourses?

CatCourses is the UCMerced branded name for the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). It replaces CROPS as the LMS for UCMerced.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) offered by a third party vendor, Instructure. CatCourses is the UCMerced branding of the Canvas LMS we are using.

There are three types of sites and their associated tools within CatCourses:

  • course sites: for course management
  • portfolio sites: for creating, viewing, and evaluating electronic portfolios

How do I access CatCourses?

While you can access CatCourses through the UC Merced portal, the most direct way is the CatCourses . Doing so will allow you to have the maximum amount of room on your monitor to work with.


What other sites are going to helpful in getting started using Canvas?

Canvas Live  - By establishing an account, the site will bring up a dropdown, and when selecting U.C. Merced, you can use your login credentials to access the site.  This site contains an abundance of useful content.

Getting Started as an Instructor (including how to establish a login account)

Canvas Admin Guide

Canvas Instructor Videos

Additional Canvas Instructor Training

A Help Guide for CatCourses-  An online help guide for CatCourses.


Clicker Resources

Online Courses

Previous Teaching and Technology Series

  • Contains previous workshops and resources from the workshops
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Spring 2012   Fall 2011
Spring 2011   Fall 2010
Spring 2010   Fall 2009
Spring 2009   Fall 2008

Videos of previous workshops