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Clicker Technical FAQs

For instructors using clickers in their classroom


What do I need to do as an instructor to implement clickers in my classroom?

  • The first step is to contact the Instructional Coordinator from your school and notify him/her that you'd like to use clickers in your class(es). They will contact the Bookstore to order the proper number of clickers. Once clickers are order, you'll need to download the software and begin creating your clicker slides. If you need help getting started, contact

Software Configuration

What software do I need to get started? How and where do I get the software?

  • The first option is TurningPoint AnyWhere, a stand-alone program that enables polling with PowerPoint presentations, web pages, PDFs, Word documents, or any other programs. The software "sits" on top of whatever is being used and takes screenshots at the end of each poll as a reference to what was being polled at that time. 

  • The second option is TurningPoint, an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint.TurningPoint allows instructors to create PowerPoint presentations beforehand and conduct polls in real time with their audience. 

  • To summarize, TurningPoint AnyWhere can be used over any application, andTurningPoint requires the use of PowerPoint. You can download both programs from our dedicated servers here at UCM at the following link:

  • However, if you wish to download from Turning Technologies direclty, you can do so here:'ll need to register to download the software.

Can I use it on my Mac/PC?

  • Yes, TurningPoint and TurningPoint Anywhere are available for both Macs and Windows. HOWEVER, TurningPoint will not work on Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for Macs so TurningPoint Anywhere should be used instead.

Hardware Configuration

What hardware do I need to get started? How and where do I get the hardware?

  • Once the TurningPoint or TurningPoint AnyWhere software has been installed on your computer, you will need to check out a USB receiver from IT in order to receive responses sent by students from their clickers. USB receivers are being installed in high-use classrooms (e.g., most COB classrooms on the first floor).

Technical Support

If I need help, who do I ask?

  • If it is a hardware (e.g., receiver or clickers not working) or software issue (e.g., TurningPoint AnyWhere doesn’t load) that cannot be solved by either these FAQs or any of the additional resources listed, you can contact the IT Help Desk (; call 209-228-4357; or visit COB 132).

  • Alternatively, you can also contact you can contact crte staff at

What if my students need help with their clickers?

  • Students seeking help with their clickers can refer to this FAQ or they can make an appointment with one of the Turning Technologies Student Interns. If necessary, you can refer your students to IT Help Desk for more complex hardware issues.

Where can I find pedagogical help on the use of clickers for my classes?

  • There is another FAQs page focused specifically on the pedagogical issues related to clicker usage, and it can be found here.

  • The Center for Research on Teaching Excellence (CRTE) offers clicker workshops from time to time, and videos of past workshops can be found on their website. You can also contact crte staff at for a consultation.

Additional Resources (resource no longer availible)