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English Pronunciation & Fluency Workshop: Final -ed/-es Sound Variations

March 19, 2020 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

English Pronunciation & Fluency: Final -ed/-es Variations

Thurs / 11:30am / via Zoom

How we pronounce -ed-s, and -es at the ends of words in English depends on the sound that comes before. In this workshop, we'll review four easy rules to help you predict the final sound; then, we'll practice predicting and making these sounds in words and dialogs as native speakers would. You'll even know why "speakers" sounds like "speakerz"! Join us at 11:30am Thursday at https:/

This workshop is especially for non-native speakers of English who would like to improve their pronunciation. All campus members and family are welcome. 

Sponsored by English Language Institute (ELI), part of the Center for Engaged Teaching & Learning (CETL). Questions? Email Belinda at

Pronunciation word cloud