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Fall 2018 Grammar Workshops

Fall 2018 Grammar Workshop Schedule 

Wednesdays / 1:30pm to 2:45pm / in GLCR #140.

Graduate students, undergraduates, post-docs, faculty, staff & spouses welcome. Come to any one workshop or many! Handouts provided.


Aug. 29:  Parts of Speech

By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to identify the parts of speech and see how they're organized.

Sept. 05:  Agreement (subject/verb/pronoun)

Subject/verb agreement and subject/pronoun agreement are today's topics. Think you've got this? Come find out.

Sept. 12:  Active/Passive Voice

Come for guideline and practice related to using the active and passive voices.

Sept. 19:  Verb Tenses

If you've ever had doubts about which tense to use in academic writing, this workshop will help.

Sept. 26:  Prepositions (in/on/at and from/of/to/for)

Learn easy patterns for correctly using some confusing prepositions. This is especially useful for native Spanish speakers. 

Oct. 03:  Phrases vs. Clauses

The distinction between phrases and clauses is simple, and knowing it will make you a better writer!

Oct. 10:  Sentence Types

We'll practice recognizing and using different types of sentences for variety.

Oct. 17:  Run-ons and Sentence Fragments

Avoid common errors by recognizing when sentences are too long or incomplete.

Oct. 24:  When and How to Use Commas

When should you use commas, and when shouldn't you? Find out at this workshop!

Oct. 31:  Colons, Semicolons, and Apostrophes 

Learn how to correctly use these three useful punctuation marks, and impress your professor. 

Nov. 07:  Paraphrasing

Come practice techniques for restating information without inadvertently plagiarizing an author.

Nov. 14:  Common Errors to Avoid 

This is an overview of the most common errors university writers make to help you avoid them. 

Nov. 28:  Incorporating Quotes in Your Essay

Discover the word choice, punctuation, and style guidelines needed to do include quotes well.

Dec. 05: Say the Same Thing in a Different Way

We'll keep the idea the same while changing the vocabulary and sentence structure in a variety of ways.

Students matching words to prepositions in 2015

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