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Grammar Workshops - Spring 2019

Grammar Workshops

Wednesdays / 11:30am-12:45pm / COB 276

Improve your English grammar in a painless way!  This weekly interactive workshop series is open to the whole campus community: undergraduates, graduate students, staff, scholars, and even spouses!  Interested persons can choose to attend any single workshop, several, or all of them.  Handouts provided!  No need to register in advance; simply show up!

Spring 2019 Topics

Jan. 23    

Parts of Speech
We'll identify the parts of speech in English and see how they're organized.

Jan. 30    

Subject/verb agreement and subject/pronoun agreement are today's topics.

Feb. 06    

Prepositions (in/on/at and from/of/to/for)
Discover easy patterns for correctly using some confusing prepositions. Great for Spanish/Portuguese speakers! 

Feb. 13    

Verb Tenses
If you've ever had questions about tenses, this workshop will help!

Feb. 20    

What Is a Phrase? What Is a Clause?
The distinction is simple, and knowing it will make you a better writer.

Feb. 27    

Sentence Types
We'll practice using four types of sentences for variety and idea control.

Mar. 06    

Run-ons and Sentence Fragments
Avoid errors by recognizing when sentences are too long or incomplete.

Mar. 13    

Active/Passive Voice
Come for guidelines and practice related to active/passive voice use. 

Mar. 20    

When and How to Use Commas
When should you use commas, and when shouldn't you? Find out!

Apr. 03    

Colons, Semicolons, and Apostrophes
Impress your professors with mastery of these three punctuation marks.

Apr. 10    

Come practice techniques for restating information without plagiarizing.

Apr. 17    

Incorporating Quotes in Your Essays
Word choice options, punctuation rules, and style help will be provided!

Apr. 24    

Common Errors to Avoid
This is an overview of errors that college writers typically make. If you know them, you can avoid them.

May 01    

Say the Same Thing in a Different Way
Learn how to present ideas with varying vocabulary and structures.

May 08    

Grammar Q&A
Bring all your grammar questions to this office-hour style workshop!