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Who Our Students Are

Who Our Students Are

UC Merced is the most diverse university in the UC system and serves a low-income population.
We are a minority majority school located in an underserved area of California with a large immigrant population.

Some quick facts about UC Merced:

· UC Merced started in 2005
· It is a research student-centered university
· The Fall 2018 student census shows 8,544 students enrolled. There are 7,881 undergraduate students
and 663 graduate students, 91,6% of whom are pursuing doctoral degrees
· UC Merced continues to have a diverse student population. Hispanics are the largest ethnic group (54%),
followed by Asians (20%), whites (10%) and black (5%)
UC Merced official's goal is to reach 10,000 students by 2020, with 1,000 at the graduate level.


About  our Undergraduate Population:

· More than half of the undergraduates …
> speak a language other than English at home (72.2%)
> are first-generation college students (73.2%)
> come from low-income families (Pell grant recipients) (63.8%)
· The San Joaquin Valley contributes the largest percentage of undergraduates at UC Merced (30%). Another 30% are from the greater LA area, and 25% from the Central coast and San Francisco Bay area.

Data collected from (2016/2017)