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Peer-led Workshops

UCM SATAL Video: Panel of Students

Supervised Peer-Led Workshops

Peer–led learning is an innovative model in education. This series of peer-led workshops guides the activities of small groups of students designed to be solved cooperatively. SATAL interns receive professional development to ensure that the students in their courses are actively and productively engaged with the material and with each other. This methodology offers a number of educational opportunities: the supportive format encourages questions and discussions that lead to students learn to work in teams and to communicate more effectively.

Students Helping Students Provide Valuable Feedback on Course Evaluations 

Video link to share with students before completing mid/ final course feedback - Rubric

Learning Outcome:

  • Students will be able to provide actionable course feedback

Poster - Handout

Intended for: Students

Assisting Peers to Provide Constructive Feedback - Slides & rubric
Learning Outcomes :

  • Provide valuable feedback
  • Identify ways of giving feedback

Assessment Update Article: Involving Undergraduates in Assessment

Tomorrow's Professor: Feedback for continuation

Intended for: Students

Teamwork: Collaborating Effectively - SlidesRubric Handout
Learning Outcomes 

  • Identify the values of teamwork
  • Address dysfunctional team's behaviors
  • Assess assignment worksheets & forms

Intended for: Students

Reading the Syllabus: What Every First Year Student Should Know - Slides

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate Understanding of the relevance of the syllabus as a class tool

Intended for: Students

How do you know your students are learning? - Slides
Learning Outcomes :

  • Identify the value of different assessment tools to improve student learning
  • Review ways of collecting direct & indirect evidence of student learning

Intended for: Instructional Faculty


SATAL Program - Slides & focus group rubric
Learning Outcomes :

  • Gain familiarity about the SATAL program
  • Outline some ways of collecting indirect evidence of SLOs
  • Know how to request the SATAL assessment support

Intended for: Instructional faculty

How the SATAL Program Works - Slides & focus group rubric
Learning Outcomes :

  • Gain familiarity about the SATAL program operations.

Intended for: Incoming SATAL students

Has your program met your expectations? Ask your students. Program Assessment Methods to Gather Students' Voices on their Learning- Slides & focus group rubric

Learning Outcomes :

  • Identify the value of collecting qualitative data
  • Familiarize with qualitative assessment tools
  • Assess qualitative data

Intended for: Faculty and Staff members


Contact Adriana Signorini at to request SATAL assessment support.